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Information about us at the moment:

 Location:  We are located in the south west of Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian province, south east of China. It is 2.5 hours flight from Beijing, 1.5 hours from either Shanghai, Guangzhou or HK and 3 hours by car from Xiamen to us. Factory is situated 1 hour away from the airport in Fuzhou.

Staff:  500 staffs

How we developed:       

Our factory started in the year of 2000, majoring in making bags and packs for various sports. During our developing these years, we got customers coming from various sports, such as biking, motorbiking, tennis, sky diving, rock climbing, mountaineering, kayaking etc. These customers were enthusiasts in these sports. They brought us professional ideas on how to make packs and bags more fit to different sports, like waterproofness and anti-scratching on paints are must for motobike bags, while water drainness is a must for kayak packs. We were touched by their passion to their specific sports and were also amazed by the seriousness towards details in their packs. With experiences working with these customers, we gradually got some sense and feeling for  developing and producing our products for various sports combined with a quality control together with the customers. This made us a little bit different from other bag manufacturers.
We also started with promotional bags and company profile bags for European, American and Australian markets giving us the honour of producing promotional bags for brands like Coca Cola, Nascar Racing, Volvo, Saab, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Yamaha, Nokia, Nivea, Fisherman's Friend, Schneider...
Our 2 factories in rented locations turned out to be too limited and from 2005 we planned the building of a new factory bringing the two under the same roof.During 2008 we finished  this milestone,our new factory, and could start production autumn 2008.
The new factory was build oversized for the actual volume in production, with the intention  of having capacity within our new factory to grow substantially during the coming years.The factory has been built in a standard meeting modern customers requests.

We believe

that being active, innovative, cooperative and competitive makes us successful in gaining more and more business. 

that a nice team work also makes satisfied customers of ours.


Fuzhou WellGreen Outdoor Co.Ltd
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